Spiraling out of Control

February 2010

Besides beautiful waterfalls, spanning of bridges, constellations, dramatic clouds and sunsets, autumn leaves, old libraries, Italian domes… the list goes on.. but among the long list of wonders I photo-collect and enjoy are spiral staircases. I attempted at a photographic collection of spiral staircases on my study-abroad in Rome, but the collection is somewhere lost in my photos… Atlasobscura however has an amazingly-obsessive¬†collection of keep-staring-&-you’ll-get-dizzy spiral staircases.. so as I have already done, indulge yourself in these beautiful staircases and spiral out of control!



One Response to “Spiraling out of Control”

  1. […] following up on the staircase entry, here’s another architectural-intellectual-obsessively-organized wonder- Libraries. I’m […]

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