Google Maps Expeditions

February 2010

Do you guys every do this? … go on Google Maps for a quick distraction and go on a satellite view exploration of awesome landscapes and waste an obscene amount of time..? kay I shall share with you some of my google maps adventure.

(I couldn’t post google maps frame on WordPress so I took screenshots and linked the images.)

Here’s the Nazca Lines at Peru
The collaged landscape elements remind me of Gustav Klimt’s artwork.

Strolling around the north I found the Manicouagan Reservoir or “Eye of Quebec”

and so.. I read up on it on Wiki
turns out to be a remnant of a crater.

Here’s a place close to home. It’s always interesting to see the what lies in the desert past LA. This view shows a location close to the-never-happened-California City with the ghostly suburban city grid.


2 Responses to “Google Maps Expeditions”

  1. irisfong Says:

    crazy fun. thanks for sharing!

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