Spring Break Part I: Rainy-Day in NYC

March 2010

Spring Break officially started last Friday, and of course it rains. and yea i’m sticking around New York because I had my big spring break last year, and i’ll save money, and i’ll make extra money by covering lab shifts. Anyways back to the horrid rain, but as horrid and brutal as it was, that did NOT stop miss Fran and I from finding things to do on a rainy day.

We started off with brunch at Chez Oskar and Fran’s loosing up on her vegan ways.

Already most of our time was spent flipping inside-out the dam umbrellas

Following up on my last post, and a good place to go on a rainy day is the library, especially when we haven’t really explored the main branch public library.

I love this photo of us (taken from Frannie’s blog)- so disheveled from the hurricane weather outside.

yea i’m into old place and antique objects- Last spring break I bought a vintage camera (Kodak Retina Ia) in Vienna, but made in Stuggart not sure when. Well found out it was made in 1951 =)

I did a post about 4 months ago about the Pneumatic System in the New York Public Library. I FOUND IT!

after spending wayy too many hours in the library just to avoid the weather, we headed back downtown to St. Alps Teahouse for some bubble tea. mm..

And then some grocery shopping at the Japanese market

On the following day, yes its still raining, we went to Beacon’s closet- about that place, I thought thrift stores  are suppose to be cheaply-priced?!

I get overwhelmed by their massive amounts of clothes, but Fran indulges in it.

For dinner.. had the most amazing clam chowder in Brooklyn at the Public House nom nom nommm

that really sucks.


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