Spring Break Part II: Sunny Day in NYC

March 2010

Sun’s out. And I feel like seeing some old friends from high school. Whoo

Of course I did some shopping in Soho.. Uniqlo and their sales ugh.

Eating tacos at the Taqueria on Lafayette and Bowery, and realize Geoff’s Landscapes of Quarantine was right there.

Rooftops to reassure the clear day

Siblings and Roofers over-across yonder

After chillin at the West Village with Denise and her bro, I went up town to visit Alex and Sandy and see some other wonders.

Atlas Obscura did a post about this Peace Statue by St. John’s Cathedral. Funky stuff.. still awesome.

So I’ve experienced a good amount of church spaces in Italy, eastern Europe, and Paris last year.. so walking into St. John’s cathedral, I did not expect MAD Space.. mad freekin huge space, largest cathedral in the world and its in New York City say whaaa

We all know NYC is full of.. pleasant surprises to say modestly. We came the side door of a cathedral and there it was, a white peacock. its the most freekin beautiful creature i’ve ever seen. Prettier than my cat, but I still love my cat.


Crepes and Coffee with the lovely couple.


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