April 2010

A few days ago in Blackout seminar, Geoff expressed his obsession on bioluminescence as that was also the topic discussed for class. Speaking in fantastical terms, our power grid has temporarily failed us, but perhaps we can harness nature’s natural luminescence to light our way. We can design paths designated for fireflies and we shall follow the line of their light, or travel by water as the waves made from our oars will stimulate the glowing algae. It’s always fun to think “what if our world looked like this?” In the case of bioluminescence, what if our world could look like Pandora? (admit it, you too fell in love with Avatar’s glow in the dark CG)

Photographer Phil Hart managed to capture some amazing shots from Gippsland Lakes in Australia where bioluminescence and the night sky light the way. Yea yea.. technology’s amazing.. but so’s freekin mother nature!

check out these amazing night sky time lapses as well. It’s like a planetarium on your monitor screen.


One Response to “Bioluminescence”

  1. kseverny Says:

    these images really do have a great effect

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