Tourists and colder US winter

April 2010

Here’s a post I read up on Treehugger about Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull (yea good luck pronouncing that)

Interesting chain reactions of a volcanic eruption- One would think people would avoid the volcanic debris, but rather they go towards it like a bunch of moths to a light. Disaster provokes tourism.

Cooling may be good, but what if… it stimulates some bizarre weather pattern no one accounted for? Nonetheless I still love the idea of cleaning up results of a climate crisis with another form of climate disaster.

Here’s another link’s about provoking volcanic eruptions, part of Geoengineering. Fascinating ideas, and interesting approaches to solving the climate crisis, but seriously, will it actually work?

Geoengineering, the effective, the risky, the useless outlined new paper


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