Poetic water sculptures and photography by Shinichi Maruyama. The photographs of water stills emulate that of Japanese calligraphy skillful gestures- strong and swift yet the elegance and silence is powerful. Yea, sounds like i’m describing a ninja.



Door lock

April 2010

If you live in Brooklyn and you want to feel safe, get one of these!


Light Graffiti

March 2010

From the Light Graffiti page on TOXEL.COM

I totally tried this with my friends at Azusa Canyon in LA, but… I think our creative experiment was more about random placement of floating heads and glowing bodies. Must practice invisible drawing/camera techniques!


Sony’s Eye Candy

March 2010

Dubai Skyline

February 2010

Beautiful time-lapse done by Philip Bloom


(again i cant embed vimeo videos on wordpress >__<)

Believe or not, these photos of beautiful sites aren’t real. Matthew Albanese constructs these small models by usage of materials, objects, lighting, and photographic techniques that control a certain perspective from the viewer. Check out the rest of his work.


Tokyo Sky Drive

February 2010

Cool video. He probably attached the camera to the front of a train and mirrored the footage. I remember attaching a camera to my roller blades once for some random new genres film assignment in high school… interesting angles and speed on the footage. What other moving objects is camera-attachable friendly?