“SEEDBOMs are friendly bombs that contain everything you need to grow flowers virtually anywhere! Tools for eco-warriors and guerrilla gardeners in the war against neglected neighbourhoods and wearywasteland. Join forces with nature!”



In the spirit of space-saving strategies in New York-living and Tokyo hostel-booking, CoolHunter did a post on the Yotel pods in airports followed by a few more examples of hotels such as Citizen M and Qbic in Amsterdam. Love it- High design in simplicity.


SOOO EXCITED. Finally, we booked our Shanghai hostel last night. All that’s left to do is to get our visas, and finish thesis.. and graduate… but anyways…
these photos look just like their renderings. amazing.



January 2010

Dry Erase Paint that can be applied to any surface. Let the creative ideas flow off the papers and onto the wall wOOt. I’m so getting this for my next apartment.. ┬ámaybe hopefully?


Did you know?.. that nyc mail use to be delivered this way? yea e mailing’s not as fun. you can’t send a live cat through e mail.


Rain Brush Umbrella

December 2009


This concept is brilliant and poetic.