April 2010

A few days ago in Blackout seminar, Geoff expressed his obsession on bioluminescence as that was also the topic discussed for class. Speaking in fantastical terms, our power grid has temporarily failed us, but perhaps we can harness nature’s natural luminescence to light our way. We can design paths designated for fireflies and we shall follow the line of their light, or travel by water as the waves made from our oars will stimulate the glowing algae. It’s always fun to think “what if our world looked like this?” In the case of bioluminescence, what if our world could look like Pandora? (admit it, you too fell in love with Avatar’s glow in the dark CG)

Photographer Phil Hart managed to capture some amazing shots from Gippsland Lakes in Australia where bioluminescence and the night sky light the way. Yea yea.. technology’s amazing.. but so’s freekin mother nature!

check out these amazing night sky time lapses as well. It’s like a planetarium on your monitor screen.


“SEEDBOMs are friendly bombs that contain everything you need to grow flowers virtually anywhere! Tools for eco-warriors and guerrilla gardeners in the war against neglected neighbourhoods and wearywasteland. Join forces with nature!”

The Old Highline

March 2010

I still did not make the trip to the HighLine during my early days of spring break due to lovely rain and work.. but anyways…

The best urban spaces worth exploring are the ones left untouched. that’s just my opinion. The Highline is an amazing urban project, don’t get me wrong, but is no longer a natural urban space, like rooftops of pre-war buildings, abandoned subway tunnels, living in warehouses (artists first, then hipsters), Staten Island’s boat graveyard, Roosevelt Island hospital.. list goes on but you get my gist.

Her photography.. feels unreal. It gives me a weird uneasy but happy feeling. (its a good thing.. like childhood’s Lisa Frank Reality?)

Google Maps Expeditions

February 2010

Do you guys every do this? … go on Google Maps for a quick distraction and go on a satellite view exploration of awesome landscapes and waste an obscene amount of time..? kay I shall share with you some of my google maps adventure.

(I couldn’t post google maps frame on WordPress so I took screenshots and linked the images.)

Here’s the Nazca Lines at Peru
The collaged landscape elements remind me of Gustav Klimt’s artwork.

Strolling around the north I found the Manicouagan Reservoir or “Eye of Quebec”

and so.. I read up on it on Wiki
turns out to be a remnant of a crater.

Here’s a place close to home. It’s always interesting to see the what lies in the desert past LA. This view shows a location close to the-never-happened-California City with the ghostly suburban city grid.

Wave Rock

February 2010

Thank you Altas Obscura for sharing hidden natural wonders to the world once again.

Believe or not, these photos of beautiful sites aren’t real. Matthew Albanese constructs these small models by usage of materials, objects, lighting, and photographic techniques that control a certain perspective from the viewer. Check out the rest of his work.